west virginians are redefining our state.
mercer street grassroots district
Redefining creativity as a catalyst for change.
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the Welch News
Redefining media as the heart of the community.
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Hinton Community
Redefining local economy to rebuild for the future.
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real stories from west virginia

For too long, who and what it means to be a West Virginian has been defined for us. It’s time to redefine the Mountain State in our own words and in the eyes of the world. 

Our state is full of leaders bringing hope and opportunity. These are the stories of real West Virginians who are making a difference.

mercer street grassroots district

creativity redefined

The community in the Mercer Street Grassroots District of Princeton, WV shows how creative collaboration can be the catalyst to revitalize a rural downtown.

The Welch News

media redefined

The close-knit team behind this newspaper shows us how commitment to people and place can build the trust needed to become a 100-year guardian of local history.

Monticello ongoing revitalization effort

neighborhood redefined

A team of residents in the Monticello neighborhood of Clarksburg are proof that no matter the size of a community, collaboration and perseverance can build a beacon of hope.

the vintage theatre company

community redefined

A community doesn’t have to be tied to a single place: this dynamic group teaches us that people, united in purpose, can create a transformational impact.

Hinton Community

economy redEfined

During a time for innovation and reinvention, the community of Hinton is looking to their greatest asset – their people – to rebuild an economy for the future.

Community Case Studies

Learn how residents of 5 communities are making positive change

Montgomery - Smithers

Two towns make one community.

new martinsville

Community leaders create their own tourism opportunity.

Meadow River Valley

Volunteers are changing the narrative of their community.


Community members work to redefine Southern WV.

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