Make a Difference Guide

What brings you hope? 

West Virginia is full of leaders who are stepping up to make a difference in their communities. Through actions big and small, everyone can be a part of making opportunities and bringing hope to their towns. 

West Virginia can be anything we want it to be – let’s get to work! 

Here are 6 steps to get started today.

1. Get inspired.

Feeling motivated and hopeful about the possibilities for your community is the first step to making positive change. Check out the redefined documentary stories, and then read the community case studies for real stories of West Virginians making a difference in their towns.

2. Learn new community-building skills.

We offer free virtual learning tools to teach about community building. These tools can help if you already have a project in mind, or if you just want to learn more about the overall processes of creating positive change in your community. Our first two tools are out now, and we are releasing more over the coming months.

3. Connect with others who share the same mindset as you.

Join us at one of our free virtual events. We host Community Conversations where West Virginians have meaningful dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing them today, and virtual happy hours for residents to troubleshoot challenges and receive personalized advice from professional community coaches. These coaches can be a support to you as you’re venturing out on your journey to make a difference!

4. Stay in the loop.

Sign up for our email list! We send an email once a week with inspiring stories about West Virginians who are working on building up their communities, opportunities like new programs and funding through partner organizations, and invitations to upcoming events.

5. Tell a friend.

Change can’t happen alone – a reliance on collaboration, connection, and trust-building are foundational values for anyone who is making lasting change in their community. Share this Make a Difference Guide with a friend. Set up a time to talk in person or by phone (or Zoom!).

Grab some paper and pens – and brainstorm! 

  • What are your dreams for your community? What would you like to change, and what should stay the same?
  • What part do you want to play in making a difference?
  • Finish this sentence: “I want to get involved in my community because I believe…” ← This is your motivating statement!

6. Share your story.

Making change and building community can be challenging. We all need inspiration and connection to our fellow West Virginians who care about the future of their communities. West Virginia can be anything we want it to be – let’s write a hopeful story about our great state together.

What gives you hope?
What are you working on that you’re excited about?
What are your dreams for your community?

Share your story on social media and use the hashtags #redefineWV and #BelieveinWV.