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Emma Pepper, Director of Strategic Communications

I’m excited to share about this opportunity to join The Hub’s communications team. If you are a person who is passionate about working alongside West Virginians who are making a difference in their communities to tell a new kind of story about what is possible for our state, I want you to strongly consider the Communications Associate job. 

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Working as a communications professional with this nonprofit organization has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. What makes this role different than others in the nonprofit communications field is that we’re working toward a purpose that goes beyond just reflecting out what is happening with the activities and services happening with Hub programming. 

We are working to change the narrative about West Virginia to show residents that it is possible to make a positive change in their communities, and that it is happening today. 

In The Hub’s work with West Virginia communities, we often find that a stumbling block to growth is the perception of residents about what is possible for their area – and also who can be the leader in making the changes that they want to see.

Hub stories center the experiences of West Virginians who are thinking differently about how to collaborate and innovate in their communities and who are leading efforts to make change for the better.

Interested in joining our team? Check out the job description and learn how to apply » 

This is a new story about West Virginia. It’s a story where we acknowledge that there are significant challenges to building up communities and local economies, but there are people who are waking up every day with their heart set on giving back and making a difference – and they are making positive progress. We tell the stories of the people who are doing this work, and then we figure out strategies to share the lessons learned coming out of their work so that others can do the same.

It’s inspirational, and it’s innovative.

The project that I have been most proud of this past year is our Redefined West Virginia campaign. We produced 5 short documentary videos, 5 community case studies, and shared these stories with more than 400,000 people in the region. The WV-based agency JJN Multimedia helped us with the work. You can check out the project here. This has been our most ambitious campaign to date, and part of this job is an opportunity to co-create the next steps of what we do with this work.

For this role, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about the people and future of West Virginia communities, and who is interested in lending their talents to be a part of telling these kinds of stories. The person in this role will lead our communications on email, social media, website, and other digital platforms. They will be documenting what is happening on the ground in West Virginia communities, and producing audio, video, and written content to show new kinds of stories. They will help us to promote events and programs, and they will be a thought partner in determining the direction of this work.

We are actively looking to recruit a diverse group of candidates to this position so that we can better reflect the diversity found in West Virginia communities. We are looking for applicants that demonstrate diversity of perspective, experience, and culture.

Even if you haven’t worked in nonprofit communications in the past, but you have skills and passion that can translate to what we’re asking for this role, we want to hear from you. We also have a generous support system that includes a mix of paid professional development opportunities as well as training and support from teammates at The Hub.

In short, if you are excited about this kind of work, we want to hear from you!

Interested in joining our team? Check out the job description and learn how to apply » 

Emma Pepper is the Director of Strategic Communications at the WV Community Development Hub. Connect with Emma at

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