We’re Hiring a New Policy Engagement Coordinator – a Message from Stephanie Tyree, Executive Director

The Hub is looking to grow our team with a new Policy Engagement Coordinator role. If you are passionate about West Virginia communities and interested in being part of a team working with regional and federal partners to advance systemic solutions to drive federal funding and resources to the most high-need, distressed communities in Appalachia, this would be an ideal position for you. 

I came to The Hub nearly ten years ago as the organization’s first Policy Coordinator. When we first began working on policy, our focus was on figuring out how to walk alongside communities to advocate for policy changes that would address some of the long-standing challenges they faced in trying to improve their communities. 

Interested in joining our team? Check out the job description and learn how to apply »

The Hub's Executive Director Stephanie Tyree speaks at a community development think tank event

The best parts of the work are learning from communities and partners, getting to be creative in helping them identify policy solutions to their persistent challenges, and building relationships with policy decision-makers to find collaborative strategies to support small towns in West Virginia.

The work has changed over time, and we are hoping to make a big shift in the focus of our policy work in 2022, with leadership and support of the Policy Engagement Coordinator.

The Biden Administration has made a public commitment to not leave coal communities behind and to invest federal funding in coalfield communities at a level not seen before in my lifetime. They have identified priority coalfield communities across the country to focus federal resources on, and 4 of the top 25 communities are in West Virginia. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage federal resources to drive forward community improvement and community economic development in West Virginia.

And yet, barriers exist that we fear will limit the flow of funding to the communities most in need of resources and support in our state. We know that money flows along the path of least resistance. Much of our work at The Hub is to help rural communities build pathways to enable resources to flow more quickly to community-led projects and redevelopment strategies. There are multiple hurdles that may prevent these federal resources from getting to where they most need to go in our state. Without a targeted campaign to address these hurdles, we may miss this opportunity, and the potential to build long-term investment in our communities.

Through the partnerships, relationships and networks within West Virginia and across the Appalachian region, we are well positioned to work together to address these hurdles. We need a teammate to help us make that vision a reality in 2022. If you love working with teams, are interested in building your skills around policy, federal partnership engagement, and innovative, solutions-oriented strategies, you are a strong candidate for this new position at The Hub!

Interested in joining our team? Check out the job description and learn how to apply »

We are actively looking to recruit a diverse group of candidates to this position so that we can better reflect the diversity found in West Virginia communities. We are looking for applicants that demonstrate diversity of perspective, experience, and culture. This is a great opportunity to grow your skills in the fields of community development and policy.

This time in our state’s history represents one of the most exciting opportunities for structural change we have before us. As the Policy Engagement Coordinator, you will be part of a team working together to build and implement a strategy for change. You’ll be at the table with local, state and national partners and decision-makers as we work together to build structural solutions to decades-long challenges. If you love being part of a learning community, and care about the future of West Virginia’s small towns, I hope you will consider applying.

Interested in joining our team? Check out the job description and learn how to apply »

Stephanie Tyree is The Hub’s Executive Director. You can reach her at s.tyree@wvhub.org.

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