Lewis County community paves the way for beautification project successes

Team member Rod Wyman helps re-paint playground equipment as one of the Lewis County team’s beautification projects.

A message from the Lewis County Blueprint Communities team:

Our biggest success through our participation in the Blueprint Communities Program was engaging community members from across Lewis County. We brought people together through our four mini kickoff events at various locations throughout the county, with a business kickoff held at Lambert’s Winery, and a countywide kickoff. Community members came out to give their input about what they would like to see in their county, and we listened!

We started small with some community improvement projects including cleaning, staining, and repairing some local playground equipment and cleaning a local alleyway in downtown Weston. The Lewis County Blueprint team partnered with the Weston Democrat, our local newspaper, and other volunteer organizations to revitalize an alleyway located in central Weston. We are in the process of renovating the alleyway by highlighting an existing historical mural, installing string lights, redoing pavers, and installing tables and chairs for the community to enjoy the space.

Rebecca Young of the Weston Democrat said, “I love working on Blueprint projects, especially those focused on beautification. Everyone has something they can offer, and Blueprint allows for everyone’s involvement. Citizens from different walks of life can feel like they are part of their community. This to me is the most important aspect of Blueprint: everyone has an opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.”

The beautification projects are just a glimpse into what we were able to accomplish over the last year and there is so much more happening and still to come! Blueprint has been an incredible journey that will continue for many years to come. Our community and county are committed to continuing the work, engaging new people, and making Lewis County a better place for everyone.

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