Welcoming Montgomery and Smithers to Cultivate West Virginia

View of Montgomery, WV. Image courtesy City of Montgomery.


We are excited to announce the towns of Montgomery and Smithers will be participating in The Hub’s Cultivate West Virginia program! We extend our gratitude to The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation for underwriting this initiative to make positive change in communities as defined and led by the residents themselves.

Cultivate WV builds a community’s ability to:

  • Engage and mobilize residents to collaborate on community improvement projects and create long-lasting, positive impact;
  • Promote community projects and events;
  • Develop a town’s infrastructure such as downtown buildings;
  • Grow and support local entrepreneurs and small businesses; and
  • Secure funding for small and large-scale community improvement projects.


Community coaches with The Hub’s team work alongside residents in a process that centers the community’s voice in identifying challenges and moving forward solutions. The Hub believes that the residents of the community are the experts on what is needed for their town. It’s our job to offer the support, make connections, and give guidance needed for residents to realize their dreams for their community.

Mayor Anne Cavalier of Smithers, WV and Mayor Greg Ingram of Montgomery, WV share the stage

The Hub coaches have been working with the Strategic Initiative Council, a representation of both Montgomery and Smithers, to learn more about the community. The Strategic Initiative Council is a group of folks focused on making positive change in their community by sharing ideas, collaborating on cross-community programs, and even sharing funds and resources to advance goals that are mutually beneficial to their towns.

We learned early on that they view themselves as ‘two municipalities, one community’ – and are excited to learn from what they have been able to accomplish through this mindset and share this model with other communities around the state.

People often ask how we’re approaching our community coaching work at The Hub in this time. We typically spend much of our time in communities, working face to face with residents, and the events of this year have made that more challenging. We’re approaching this challenge just like any other hurdle we may face when it comes to community development: we bring our own dedication to and investment in the success of the residents to the table, our own expertise, but, ultimately, let the community lead the way.  

That means the way that we approach our work is going to look different this year in Montgomery and Smithers, but the outcome is going to be the same: teams of residents coming together to advance ideas and projects that will create greater prosperity and opportunity for everyone in their community – and, of course, having fun along the way!

We are honored to be working with the residents of Montgomery and Smithers.

Stay tuned to The Hub’s blog for progress the community teams are making! And if you are living in Montgomery or Smithers and are interested in taking part give me a shout – Amanda Worman-Scott at a.workman@wvhub.org.

Amanda Workman-Scott is The Hub’s Director of Community Engagement. Find Amanda at a.workman@wvhub.org.

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