Making spirits bright – ideas to keep morale up for your team


For some groups, working as a team remotely is the standard operating procedure. For the rest of us, I think we can underestimate how beneficial connecting in a non-work-related way can be for our morale and trust and productivity. Those goofy jokes, small chats and ‘water cooler’ check-ins before meetings, often are much more important to our work sanity than we think.

So we at The Hub, since we live for those little moments, decided to build them into our newly formed staff video check-in calls. We are having these calls a few times per week, and already we have seen the benefit of the human connection, and time to vent, and time to laugh.

Luckily, there are many resources from teams who work remotely all the time. Here are a few links to activities to try as a team (among other tips and tricks):



And here are some examples of what The Hub team has been up to!

Hat Day

Challenge your team members to wear a hat for your next video call. You will learn a lot about them based on what they chose… or didn’t! As you can see on The Hub’s team (photo at the top of this story), our personalities are showing through our headwear. (Amanda Workman is sans hat because her kids decided to play ‘hide the object’ right before our call!)

Photo of Something in Your Workspace

Take a photo of something around your at-home work station and put it in a shared document. It can be something with a story behind it, something goofy, or something relevant to your work. Don’t put your name next to it, and once on the call, the team members will share which photo is theirs and why they shared that particular photo!

The letter “S”

Apparently, half of the world pronounces the letter ‘S’ with the tip of their tongue pointed down, and half pronounced it with the tip of their tongue pointed up. Who knew!  Go through your staff and see which way they do it. Then for the challenging part- go through again and have them try it the other way. You might find some ssssskilled folks!  Our staff was 50% ‘dippers’ and 50% ‘tippers’!

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