Let’s find hope together – message from Stephanie Tyree


Our circumstances in West Virginia and across the world are changing rapidly, more rapidly than anything I have ever felt in my lifetime – and I think more dramatically than many of us have ever experienced.  

But in some ways, West Virginia has been preparing for a moment like this for more than a century. We know how to overcome our differences to support the greater good of our communities. We have a demonstrated history of mobilizing to support each other in moments of crisis. We are already deeply connected with our friends, neighbors and family – whether they live next door or on the other side of the state. West Virginia has the Kevin Bacon Game down pat. 

We see the work that many West Virginians are already doing to step into this once-in-a-lifetime challenge and to take care of the most vulnerable in our state. While this time may be frightening, this creative caretaking and leadership is inspiring.

Starting today, we’ll be using our email, blog, and social media to share stories that help us learn together and find moments of hope during this time. 

Let us know the stories of how your own community is collaborating to stay safe and emerge stronger. Let us know of any resources to support West Virginia communities who are mobilizing now.


If you have a story or resource to share, please email Emma Pepper at e.pepper@wvhub.org. 

The Hub team is taking this seriously. We will be working remotely in the immediate future. We’ll extend that based on the direction we receive from our state, federal and local leaders. We’re all still available, and you’ll be able to reach us by phone and email just like normal. 

We are postponing all Hub events and community meetings through the end of April. We will shift to remote meetings when possible. For communities and partners who are currently a part of Hub programs, you can expect to hear from your program leaders this week on a plan of action for the work moving forward.

As many are saying: we’re all in this together. And we will get through this challenging time, together.

With hope and heartfelt care,

Stephanie Tyree
Executive Director, WV Community Development Hub

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