Is your WV team working remotely right now? Check out these resources to strengthen your work.

Kind of like this, except with social distancing.


At The Hub, we’re focused on teamwork – not just within our own internal teams at the organization, but also with the communities and partners that work alongside us. Right now, we’re heavily focused on figuring out how to make all of those wheels keep turning given that we may not be face to face with many community members and partners until we get the green light to resume work as normal.

We bet you’re in a similar boat – and, if so, here are some resources that we’ve begun to compile to help.

For these and more resources, check out our growing list on The Hub’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) WV Community Resources page.

  • 18 Easy Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams (via CityHUNT): This is a comprehensive list of challenges that you may run into with a team that is working remotely and proactive solutions you can put into place to help strengthen that feeling of community and connection with people, even if you can’t see them.
  • The 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps (via How-to Geek): Video conferencing! This may not be an option for everyone in your network, but for times when it is possible, just seeing someone’s face can help to make a stronger and more productive meeting. This story gives 6 ideas for software that you can use to help make this happen.
  • How-to Guides for Online Meeting & Training Facilitation (via Training for Change) AND How-to Guides for Online Meeting & Training Facilitation (via Both of these groups are the people who train the people that are training people! That means they are excellent meeting leaders and facilitators – check out both of these links for guides to up your game on leading meetings and trainings online.
  • FreeConferenceCall Free Webinar Service: Need to switch a training that you’re doing to a webinar format so it can work remotely? FreeConferenceCall (the handy folks who bring you your free conference call lines) has a webinar service as well.
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