Richwood is booming! 16 small businesses lead the charge


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With new businesses seemingly popping up every day, it is a very exciting time in Richwood, a community that has known struggles for years. The #richwoodrising team has been collaborating with each other, and building a foundation for possibilities and success by working hard through various programs including the HubCAP program, hosted by the WV Community Development Hub (The Hub), and Blueprint Communities, an initiative with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, and implemented by The Hub. 

Richwood Scientific, The Oakford Diner, Hole in the Wall Pizza, Rosewood Antiques, Whistle Punk Grill & Taphouse, Cherry River Roasting, The Chill Out Grill, Darryl’s Barber Shop, Country Hardware, Richwood Heritage Arts, and The Nutt House are all businesses located in Richwood that have opened within the past three years, breathing new life into this one-stoplight town.  Seeing their success, and opportunities with a technology presence, a bike trail expansion, and increased motorcycle tourism, more new businesses are on the way.

An outfitter, coffee shop, another antique store (you can never have too many!), an upscale AirBnB and internet provider will all be opening in Richwood within the next few months, most on Main Street.  Back Mountain Adventures is at the edge of the Monongahela National Forest, catering to outdoor enthusiasts, they will offer bike and kayak rentals, shuttle service, fishing, and outdoor gear. Opening in the Spring of 2020, a welcome addition with the increased mountain biking trails and ever-increasing fisherman visiting the area. Lisa, a teacher, and her husband Dave King, a coal miner, are looking forward to providing visitors the services and gear they need for a great adventure.  

Susan Johnson has looked for a way to get involved in Richwood’s redevelopment for years; she has now found it with Lucy Butterfly. Offering antiques, rare books, vintage clothing, gifts, wine, and curated items, Lucy Butterfly will offer something for everyone. Located at 2 West Main Street,  at the red light, a lovely welcome as people come into town. 

Appalachian Coffee has built brand recognition around southern WV, with locations in Mt. Nebo, Princeton, and Summersville; Richwood’s Main Street will be the newest location.  John Bounds purchased and is renovating a building for the new coffee house at 4 East Main Street; the site will also house Cherry River Roasting allowing visitors to buy freshly roasted beans. 

Miami couple, David Ward and Cecil Ybanez are adding another lodging option to Main Street, with David’s Richwood roots, he is excited about this new venture. Their second story, three bedroom, upscale AirBNB will open in the Spring of 2020; offering unique lodging in the heart of Richwood’s historic district, Cecil will bring his interior design background to the project.  

Reliable internet service is a struggle throughout the Mountain State, a non-profit, Richwood Scientific, has been working to address better broadband and wifi connectivity, this led to the creation of Silicon Holler Light + Data. Utilizing a tower on the four-story GC Murphy Building, the organization will be able to provide fast, reliable wireless internet to any business or house that can see the tower.  Plans for expanding access to other areas in and around Richwood are also being explored.  

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