Goodbye abandoned buildings! Hello Land Reuse Agency

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Putting abandoned properties back into productive use is difficult, especially when those properties are dilapidated buildings or vacant lots. It’s a public service that many of West Virginia’s local governments take on, but it’s not an easy one.

We’ve talked before about the negative impact that abandoned and dilapidated properties can have on a community – including in our most recent update on what West Virginia’s Abandoned Properties Coalition will be focusing on in this upcoming legislative session.

Charleston, WV is now home to a Land Reuse Agency – one pivotal tool in the toolbox communities can use to help address the challenge of vacant and abandoned properties – and new changes to code to support.

WCHS had this to say:

“…The Charleston Land Reuse Agency will be responsible for identifying available properties and acquiring such lots. The city’s code on vacant structures was updated as were fee and fines for dilapidated properties.

Beginning Sept. 1, owners of properties will have to submit a plan of maintenance and repair to the city. There will also be a $250 fee for a vacant structure on a registered vacant property, a $500 fee for an abandoned building on the registry, and a $1,000 fee for any property that has been registered for 12 consecutive months.

A $10 fee will be issued every day after the 12 months…”

To read the City of Charleston’s announcement, click here.

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