47 new community projects coming to Cowen and Moorefield

Community members in Cowen accept their grant awards


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The Hub’s newest community development program, Cultivate West Virginia, has announced 47 mini grant awards toward revitalization projects in Cowen and Moorefield! This seed money will allow these communities to build momentum toward greater community revitalization as they take on projects related to downtown beautification, tourism, community events, and more.

By working together within and amongst project teams, tracking progress, and utilizing shared resources, these communities are building their capacity to leverage further funding toward larger scale economic development.

Interested to see what kinds of projects build community development? Here are the awarded projects in each Cultivate community:

Moorefield Revitalization Mini Grant Projects:

  • Moorefield Micro Farmers Market
  • Moorefield High School Hospitality Services
  • VISTA Community Support
  • South Branch Riverfest Event
  • Bishoff Photography Community Photos Exhibit
  • ‘Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?’ Street Art Initiative
  • Hardy County Historical Museum Enhancement
  • ‘Up Up and Away’ Playground Additions
  • Church Flagstone Repair
  • ‘Faces of Moorefield’ Community Mural
  • Higgins House Fence Repair
  • ‘Finding Pupuseria Emerita’ Local Business Signage
  • ‘Moorefield Empowers Community’ Self Defense Classes
  • WPA Sidewalk Restoration
  • Moorefield Semi Mobile Train Platform
  • Moorefield Masonry Workshop
  • ‘Higgins House: Something to Stand On’ Repair Initiative
  • Moorefield High School Micro-Business Complex Pocket Park
  • Moorefield High School Micro-Business Complex Art Picket Fence Project
  • ‘Carla’s Public Garden’ Seasonal Decorations Project
  • ‘Moorefield Dances’ Classes & Events
  • Here We Are! Historical Society Museum Signage
  • ‘To Be or Not to Be’ Community Theater Event

Cowen Revitalization Mini Grant Projects:

  • ‘Movies on the Hill’ Community Event Series
  • Webster County Little Libraries
  • ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ Community Event Space Improvements
  • ‘Repair the Pavillion’ Initiative
  • Cowen Post Office Flower Box
  • ‘Rain and Drain’ Library Space Repair
  • ‘Covering New Ground’ Softball Parking
  • Cowen Tennis & Basketball Courts
  • Sewing & Quilting Community Events
  • ‘1913 Corner Store – How it all Began’ Community Exhibit
  • Marathon Scholar Program
  • VISTA Community Support
  • ‘The Engine that Could’ Community Mural
  • ‘It’s All About Choices’ Community Event
  • High School Dugout Home
  • Get Fit Cowen
  • ‘Under the Big Tent’ Volunteer Fire Department Tent & Accessories
  • ‘Mow Shack’ Softball Lawn Care Building
  • Cowen Farmers Market
  • ‘Come Play with Me!’ Playground Equipment
  • ‘Roof for the Hounds’ Structure
  • ‘Fountains and Flowers for our Friends’ Public Space Improvement
  • ‘Raise the Fence’ Softball Field Project
  • ‘Field of Dreams’ Softball Field Project

The community members who have stepped forward in Cowen and Moorefield are leading the way toward healthy, happy, and thriving communities. And the most exciting part? This is just the beginning.

As Cowen and Moorefield head into the implement phase of these revitalization projects, they’ll be building momentum, community support, and more opportunities to leverage with increased experience and resources in hand. By coming together as a community, these established and emerging leaders are laying the foundation necessary for the economic development that West Virginia needs.

Want to know more about how the Cultivate West Virginia program works with communities toward increased engagement, buy-in, and community growth? Learn more on our Cultivate WV page.

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