See how Princeton is creating a business-friendly community

Mercer Street Historic District in Princeton


Creating and supporting a thriving business-friendly community takes a lot of time, effort, and a 360 degree approach.

In Princeton, multiple community groups, along with members of the The Hub’s Communities of Achievement Program (HubCAP) team have been working together to attract and support new and existing businesses in many different ways. And their hard work and creativity is paying off with multiple new businesses.

Princeton has been making their community a fun, creative, inviting place to live for years, with their events, artwork, and creative spaces attracting people to the area to who support existing and new businesses in the area.

For an in-depth look at Princeton’s efforts, check out this recent post over on the Princeton Renaissance Project site

The team has also been hosting regular gatherings for the Grassroots District merchants, and this last one was a special edition where they invited all Mercer Street merchants as well as special guest Barbara Wyckoff to give a talk about best business practices, and identify business needs in order to target efforts to assist them. The goal was to continue to unite the downtown business community & empower the merchants with support. The support started with a new business, Bucha Brewhouse & Bistro, who provided a wonderful meal.

Community leader Lori McKinney said, “It was a great night, we provided peer to peer support; ways we could support and cross pollinate; cooperative marketing, open houses and more.”

There will be many more merchants gatherings to come, and the team invites all to join.

In order to promote the available, usable spaces in the community, the HubCAP team is partnering with the Grassroots District, Princeton Renaissance Project, and two local businesses to host their next Developer’s Tour on Nov. 27th. The goal is attract new investors and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood by featuring some exciting projects that are underway, and showcase some spaces that are ripe for development.

Join the Developer’s Tour: 

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