Hinton starts up a community conversation to get things done

Hinton Chat n Chew group at a recent meet-up


With a month of community conversations in the books, Hinton’s newly organized “Chat & Chew” is seen as a success in bringing people together to discuss ideas, projects, and current happenings. Developed by the Hinton Full Steam Ahead group, the Chat & Chew looks to bring people to the table to form and build partnerships and give everyone in the community an opportunity to hear about what’s happening in town, as well as an opportunity to provide their own thoughts and ideas to a collective group.

Hinton’s Chat & Chew hopes to resolve a problem that can occur without open, effective communication: multiple people working on the same project separately, rather than one team taking on the project. A few projects have already gained traction with the Chat & Chew participants so far, including a Recycling Assembly at the Elementary School and bringing back the Public Bulletin Board, a useful tool to make announcements and provide information to the community.

If you want to contribute your voice to Hinton’s Chat & Chew or want to hear about what’s happening in Hinton, head to Hinton’s Pizza Hut! The Chat & Chew happens on Thursday of every week at noon, except for the final Thursday of the month, where the conversation happens at 6 PM. As Candice Helms, Hinton Full Steam Ahead member and one of the facilitators of the Chat & Chew says, “LET’S GET THINGS DONE!”

Check out Hinton Full Steam Ahead’s Facebook page for more information.

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