100 Richwood residents rally to dream community projects

Helios Park, a sustainable green space with solar panels and native vegetation, is one of Richwood’s community successes


On May 31, more than 100 people interested in learning about and participating in community activities gathered in the Alumni Hall in Richwood, WV. Led by a team of Richwood residents participating in The WV Community Development Hub’s Communities of Achievement Program (HubCAP), the event allowed community members the chance to learn about future projects and recent successes.

Community meetings like this are essential to not just learning about what is going on, but also to engaging the community in ways that may otherwise have been impossible.

Eric Pories, Richwood’s HubCAP coach, tells us that, “Great community meetings don’t just happen… They are planned for.”

Richwood’s HubCAP team has been working toward a vision the community is building for its future. They wanted to continue that momentum and get more people on board through this event.

This meeting related some of the projects that have been identified by Richwood and its HubCAP team, including:

  • Tourism hospitality training;
  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Downtown redevelopment;
  • Increasing availability of short-term and vacation lodging;
  • and others.


In addition to spreading the news on current and future initiatives in Richwood, the community came to send off a couple of local champions.

Ray Moeller, one of the organizers of this gathering, speaks with the large audience

Participants bid farewell to Ray and Connie Moeller, who are moving from Nicholas County in June. As Susan Johnson mentions in her story in the Nicholas Chronicle, “Some incredible people find themselves passing through Richwood in their life journeys. The Moellers have certainly left it better than they found it.”

A Richwood community member gave Ray and Connie a decorated cake, and the Richwood Chamber presented appreciation baskets full of locally-made goods. Ray Moeller expressed how grateful he was to have been a part of coordinating and facilitating this gathering in Richwood.

“All-in-all, this was one of the finest community gatherings in which I have partaken,” Ray said.

Richwood armory is designated to be refurbished and converted to a new senior citizens center to replace a flood-damaged center

In Richwood, we are seeing a great example of what can happen when a community’s members work with each other and partners to achieve a vision. As our state looks to grow and come together, we can look to our friends in Richwood for guidance. The collective heart and mind of the Richwood community and surrounding areas is looking forward to keeping this momentum going, and that is very exciting for West Virginia.

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