“We Are The People Working in the Background” – Why VISTA Do What They Do.

Photo by Volunteer West Virginia

From the moment an individual makes the decision that they want to become an AmeriCorps VISTA, they are choosing to enhance their personal and professional growth experience.

Working with an organization for the betterment of a community, dedicating yourself to a VISTA term makes a lasting impression on who you are as an individual, and what you are capable of accomplishing personally and professionally.

Dedicating yourself to a VISTA term makes a lasting impression on who you are as an individual, and what you are capable of accomplishing personally.

In making the conscious decision to live on the poverty line wage of the area in which they serve, VISTA are granted a humbling experience in which to learn, grow and flourish.

The services we provide as VISTA are as valuable and rewarding to the communities and organizations we serve as they are to ourselves.

We are given opportunities to build our personal and professional networks, learn new skills (like writing a blog post!), tap into skills we already possess (whether we knew it or not) and build on them, and experience a professional work environment. And when faced with challenges we’re able to heighten our critical and logical thinking process and problem solving skills.

And we are able to see the success of our labor come to fruition, in the form of successful programs, our social media and website pages reaching new people, communities creating more events to be physically active, artistic and environmentally friendly, and watching communities find their footing and realize that the success and quality of life of their community lies with them.

So, there are many great qualities to be gained from a year-long term of volunteering that you cannot put a price on.

We are the people working in the background.

We build character in humbling ourselves through our service, obtain knowledge in truly understanding the struggles of West Virginia’s communities that exist throughout the entire state, gain insight and confidence into ourselves and our capabilities, develop gratitude for our communities and the people within it working to make changes, and wisdom in learning where we can make a difference.

We take pride in our work and our passion drives us to better West Virginia. We are the people working in the background, assisting organizations and communities to recognize their assets and potential to increase their quality of life.

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