Appalachia Investment Framer Action Cohort

The teams at Invest Appalachia and LOCUS Impact Investing – as part of the Appalachian Investment Ecosystem Initiative – are partnering with the WV Community Development Hub to launch the Appalachia Investment Framer Action Cohort! The first cohort will participate in a 12-week learning series from September 22 to December 15, 2021.

In order to accelerate community investment in Central Appalachia, we need to build a stronger and more inclusive pipeline of people working across the region who have the skills, tools, and connections needed to ‘frame up’ investment opportunities. Too often, good ideas at the community level do not move forward because our region has a limited number of people with the financial skills and understanding of capital needed to bring promising projects forward for investment.


Every community needs framers to get the investment they need to thrive. Framers have the language, tools, and connections to make things happen. They move good ideas into action and help connect projects to resources (including investment). They don’t have to be experts on everything, but they need to know the experts and when to call on them.

An investment framer can…

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Participants in the first Investment Framer Action Cohort will increase their knowledge and connections to activate investment-worthy projects related to small business, social enterprise, community facilities, and downtown real estate development. These investment framers will help increase investment in the Central Appalachian region and bring value to the communities where they work.

The goals of the cohort are to:

Who should participate in the cohort?

Through this training series, we hope to create more inclusive and equitable pathways to grow wealth in communities.

People who are underrepresented in leadership development opportunities of this nature – defined along multiple dimensions of diversity and experience – are encouraged to apply.


People participating in the Investment Framer Action Cohort will take part in a 12-week learning series, held weekly on Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm, from September 22 to December 15, 2021 (excluding 11/24). 

Participants will:

If accepted into the cohort, participants will be expected to:


If you have questions about eligibility to participate in the cohort, contact Travis Green at and 540-260-0408.

The Appalachia Investment Framer Action Cohort is a program of Invest Appalachia and LOCUS Impact Investing administered in partnership with the WV Community Development Hub.

The program is supported by the Appalachian Investment Ecosystem Initiative, launched in 2019 with funding from Cassiopeia Foundation, Danville Regional Foundation, Greater Clark Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Thompson Charitable Foundation, UnitedHealthcare, and Wells Fargo.