Community Collaborative Network

Building more intentional, strategic opportunities for networking will collectively advance the work of all people focusing on community and economic growth in West Virginia. Through the Community Collaborative Network, new partnerships are explored, individual initiatives form into system-wide efforts, and collective goals are paired with creative solutions to advance work together. 

We serve as the backbone support for the Community Collaborative Network. We help with management of the network, including offering staff support so that a set of core functions that ensure the operations and movement of the network happen regularly. We also participate in the network as a representative community development entity.

Using guidance from the network, the 15-member leading Steering Committee sets the goals, vision, and priorities and generally advances that work happening through the Community Collaborative Network. 

To learn more about what is happening with this initiative, visit their website.

How This Program Makes a Difference

Over the course of 2019-2020, we convened more than 500 participants who are advancing the work of community and economic growth in West Virginia and the surrounding region. These participants evaluated and mapped the sectors that make up the community development system and identified gaps, needs, opportunities for growth, and key partners and people involved. During this time, we continually asked participants about what value a structured network might provide and if it was worthwhile to rebuild and launch a statewide community development network. The feedback was a resounding yes.

Working together collectively helps us build strategies that can advance quickly as resources emerge. Having collaborative, bold strategies ready to go is a key way we can continue to move forward community and economic growth in West Virginia. Working together, we can support residents to excel in their efforts to create greater prosperity and well-being for all. 

To learn more about the work happening with the Community Collaborative Network, visit their website.

Questions ?

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