Parsons moving forward with pocket park project

After the removal of a dilapidated building, the City of Parsons made space for some landscaping and seating in their pocket park. Soon, this space will be home to a mural, pergola, outdoor theater, and outdoor dining area.


PRO On/Trac, the City of Parsons, and the Parsons Blueprint Communities team are excited about the in-progress pocket park in downtown Parsons. The park is in the center of downtown and is a great space that utilizes an empty site where a building was torn down in 2020. It will include a seating and dining area, an outdoor theater, landscaping, a mural, and more. 

Mayor Dorothy Judy is excited for this downtown asset, as through the Blueprint Community input process, a nice space to gather downtown was something many people wanted to see. “The park and its mural will be a great addition. We’ll be able to use the mural wall to show movies and hold movie nights. It will be a reflection of our community and a great downtown gathering place,” said Judy.

The team competed for and was granted a Mills Group Design Award that provided design visioning for this park in late 2020. With funds from a mini-grant awarded through the Blueprint Communities initiative, the centerpiece of this plan, a pergola, has been built and set. The pergola will serve as a stage, pavilion, and gathering place in the park. “We are so fortunate to be a Blueprint Community and have the opportunity to work with The Hub and receive money from the Federal Home Loan Bank in Pittsburgh to assist with this project,” said Cindy Kolsun, PRO Executive Director.

The pocket park also recently received $10,000 in Harman Funds to continue to build towards completion. Many are eager to see this project come to fruition, and the team is dedicated to utilizing further Blueprint Communities resources and other partner resources towards this initiative. “We are excited, and are looking for more partners to help us complete the vision of this park,” City Administrator Jason Myers, shared. If you would like to be involved or have any questions, please contact the City of Parsons at 304-478-2311.

Kaycie Stushek is The Hub’s Community Development Programs Specialist. You can reach her at

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