So, what is a VISTA anyway? A primer on these volunteers from Kathryn Ryan

VISTAs from multiple organizations participate in a Day of Service in support of the Manos Theatre in Grafton, WV

On National Service Recognition Day, we’d like to pause and take a moment to recognize the difference that AmeriCorps VISTAs are making across West Virginia every single day. If you’ve never heard of VISTA, let me give you the rundown…

VISTAs – Volunteers in Service to America – are people who choose to commit one year to serving their community full time by building capacity for a particular program. VISTAs are recruited by nonprofit and governmental organizations working to eliminate poverty in West Virginia and across the US. Given the challenging work that these organizations consistently take on, they often have programs in need of capacity-building – that’s when they reach out to a VISTA Intermediary, like The Hub, to apply for a sponsored VISTA.

Through recruiting an individual to become a VISTA for one year, organizations have the opportunity to put sustainable systems in place that allow their programs to become more effective, more expansive, and more impactful.

All in all, VISTAs are the folks who are dedicating their time, their energy, and their passion to ensuring that West Virginia has the ability to thrive. They’re the individuals who grow change at the systems level of on-the-ground programs. VISTAs Get. Things. Done. And we at The Hub are endlessly grateful for the amazing work that they do, every single day.

Interested in becoming a Hub-sponsored VISTA and spending the next year working on something you’re passionate about while building highly marketable skills and building a huge network of potential future employers?

Learn more about Becoming a VISTA and check out our current VISTA openings. You can also reach out to me, Kathryn Ryan, to learn about other upcoming openings. Just email me at

Interested in applying to have The Hub sponsor a VISTA for your organization?

Learn more about our VISTA program on our ‘Host a VISTA’ page. You can also reach out to me, The Hub’s VISTA Program Coordinator with any questions. Just email me, Kathryn Ryan, at
Interested in contributing to this work happening across West Virginia? Donate to The Hub’s VISTA program so we can offer more to these individuals volunteering every single day to give back to the communities they love.

Interested in contributing to this work happening across West Virginia? Donate to The Hub’s VISTA program so we can support West Virginians volunteering every single day to give back to the communities they love »

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