Become a Community Coaching Fellow

Our Community Coaching Fellowship program provides the skills, learning experiences, and collaborations that are needed to take your work in communities to the next level. We offer two tracks in our fellowship program to help meet your needs throughout your learning journey.  

What is a community coach?

Community coaches walk alongside residents on their path to envision and create a new future for their area. Coaches guide the community through projects and community engagement events as well as helping teams develop sustainable plans. They support residents in building new partnerships, growing their teams and bringing new people into the work, leading and facilitating meetings, and looking for new opportunities for collaboration. Anyone can be a community coach!

What is the Community Coaching Fellowship?

The Community Coaching Fellowship is a comprehensive training program designed for participants to gain the skills needed to find their voices as leaders and step up to make positive change in West Virginia communities. Participants will learn how to lead effective meetings, build community teams, create and facilitate events, resolve conflict, prioritize group projects, and build positive relationships both within internal teams and with external partners.

Coaching Fellowship Beginner Track

The Coaching Fellowship Beginner Track is an introduction to The Hub’s proven coaching methods. Offered as a four week virtual training program, the Beginner Track builds the foundation for helping in your own community or advancing your skills to help serve other communities.

During this four week program, you will gain skills in:

The Hub offers the Beginner Track twice a year, in the fall and spring. 

Coaching Fellowship Advanced Track

The Coaching Fellowship Advanced Track is ideal for people who have been involved with The Hub in a community development program, attended a previous training or workshop in our Coaching Fellowship program (including the Beginner Track), or have experience doing this work in their own community. 

Our Advanced Track is a ten month program that will focus on your personal growth, the advancement of a project or idea, and resource development. While participating in this track, you will work with an individual coach and develop deeper peer relationships with members of your cohort.

Our Advanced Track is offered once per year. The application process takes place during the summer with the fellowship kicking off in early fall. The Hub is invested in building a diverse and qualified cohort that accurately reflects and is inclusive of the diverse talent represented throughout West Virginia. We strongly encourage and will positively consider applications from people who have been historically underrepresented in leadership roles.

Applications for the Advanced Track are open until June 30. Apply here